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Happy November! I hope I’m not the only one counting down the days until Turkey day. A week off of school and home-cooked food. AMAZING!!!!

I wasn’t really sure what I was going to write about this week until Tuesday morning. I had the worst night sleep Monday night and I felt pretty miserable all day on Tuesday and even some of the effects on Wednesday. So, I thought, why not talk about the importance of sleep this week.

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Sleep is one of those things that people may see as important but then do not do anything about it. The biggest group being high school and college students and yet these are the groups that need it the most.

Sleep allows for a mental break. It gives the body chance to recover and grow and a chance to just relax. Sleep is important for mental and physical development especially during the teenage and young adult years when the brain is not at full development.

Now, a key characteristic to know about sleep is that there are different stages in sleep. The sleep cycle is on something called the circadian rhythm. This runs every 90 minutes. So, every 90 minutes, your body wakes up but it is so short that you don’t remember.

There are 3 key stages in the sleep pattern which include light sleep, REM, and deep sleep.

Light sleep is what your sleep mostly is which may sound bad but light sleep is the stage where body goes and repairs itself after everything you put in through from when you got out of bed that morning to when you got into bed that night. It also contributes to mental restoration as well.

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Then there is REM which stands for Random Eye Movement. This is where your dreams are most prominent. If you can remember what you dreamed about the night before, that means you woke up during your REM cycle. During this stage, your body is essentially paralyzed but your brain is still functioning. The term sleep paralysis stems from this except you are conscious.

Finally there is deep sleep. Deep sleep helps with physical recovery. It also helps with memory and learning. So, when you feel really refreshed  or well-rested then you had a lot of time spent during this stage.

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Sleep is such an important concept that gets brushed to the side for other events like studying, partying, or being out with other people. Not only does sleep help with mental and physical recovery but it also helps prevent diseases such as diabetes. Recent studies have shown that students who did not sleep enough during their high school and college years were more susceptible to diabetes. Not to mention they get sick more often because there body is constantly running and never has time to rest. Therefore, the immune system never has time to recuperate itself. Not only that but not getting enough sleep puts a lot of stress on the body which is not good either and that weakens the immune system as well. Plus, if you are awake studying, what are some other things you are doing? Eating? Drinking liquid calories to stay awake? All of those contribute to a human being’s overall health.

When I found this out, it made me feel a lot better about myself because I tried to make sure I got enough sleep. And now I’m working on pairing a good diet with my good sleeping habits.

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Some ways to get a better nights sleep include the preparation of going to bed. Instead of looking at your phone in bed, try reading a book. The blue light in your phone’s screen disrupts the melatonin in your body which causes it to stop spreading and keeps you awake. You can also try stretching before bed as well. It is also really helpful to sleep with all of the lights off. Just like the light in your phone, light interrupts or disturbs your sleep pattern.

That’s all for this week! As always, let me know if there are any issues! Please like and share this blog!

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